Among the oldest traces of metal coating left by human being is the great Egyptian monument " Tot Ankh Amoon " thousands of years ago. Since those days till recent decades the only player in the field of metal coating was the liquid form of paint.

"Better coating and less polluted environment", this was the heading under which an extensive research was applied, resulted by the presenting of powder coating (100% solid paint, consist of a homogenous mixture of binders, pigments and additives) in mid-50's.

The actual launch for powder coating was in the 80's, where powder coating became the fastest growing industrial coating worldwide.

World Production MTon
1972 44 500
1985 95 000
1992 350 000
1995 500 000
2000 F 780 000

Table 1: Powder Coating Production 

1- Benefits of Powder Coating

*Quality: A superior consistence and uniform finish without sags, drips, or bubbles accompanied by high mechanical and chemical resistance properties.
*Environmental: No VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission, which means that conservation of material without polluting environment.
*Economical: One step coating
-Less skilled labor needed 
-High efficiency (95 %) 1 Kg Powder = 2.5 Kg Liquid Paint

Benefits of powder coating can be summarized in 5E's-Environmental compliance, Energy savings, Efficiency, Excellence of finish, and Economy.

2- Powder coating time line:

Late 1940s flame spraying of thermo-plastic powder

1953-1955 Dr. Erwin Gemmer develops fluidized bed application.
1962-1964 Electrostatic powder spray process introduced
1966-1973 The four original chemistries-epoxy, hybrid, polyurethane, and polyester TGIC were introduced and become commercially available.
1970-1985 Rapid growth for powder coating spread throughout the world
1985- above Powder coatings became the fastest growing industrial paint

3- Powder coatings materials:

In general Powder coatings are a homogenized mixture of number of raw materials that can be divided into four major groups

► Binders: Which represent the body of the coat and responsible for its mechanical and
                  chemical properties. It is composed of two 
reactants (Resin and hardener),
                   which when subjected to heat starts to react to form a longer chain polymer
                    in solid form i.e. the 
coating film.
► Pigments: Which when used in the correct concentrations will give the requested color
► Fillers: used mainly as extenders
► Additives: (The spices of the recipe) used to improve some requested behaviors and/or
                     decrease some non-requested behaviors within the manufacturing process or
                     the coating application process.

4- Powder coating production:

5- Powder coating application:

Fig 2: powder application

6- Powder coating future:

Future developments in powder coating which are now under lab testing or pilot plant application for following:

- Less curing temp.
- U V and I R curable powder
- Wood, plastic and clay substrates
- Super durable powder.

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