History & Background


The Company was established through technical co-operation agreements with Poudroc France, work till  poudroc merger with Akzonobel.

Now UCICOAT working as Local Saudi company with highly qualified technical and operations team and  tries to always catch up with the latest technology in the powder coating world by the continuous collaboration with companies that have preference in this field, and by instructing and training its technicians and workers. Hence, it continues to develop its production with the aim of keeping abreast of scientific and worldwide evolution as far as powder coating products are concerned.

The company has the ability for developing new qualities and adding other products to its product lines.

Certificates / Approval:

UCICOAT Polyester product/s are Qulaicot approved, which is most prestigious high quality certificate for Polyester products.


The UCICOAT list of customer include:-

♦ Zamil Industrial Coating

♦ National Lighting
♦ Heba Fire Fighting Equip.Mfg. Co. Ltd.
♦ National Factory For Grillers & Filters
♦ Saudi Factory for Elect.Water System
♦ Al-Rasheed Aluminum Factory
♦ Waha Electric Supply Co.
♦ Arabian Transformers Co.
♦ Technical for Electrical Panel Board
♦ Gulf Boilers
♦ Saudi Gas Cylinder Factory

Etc etc etc………………

Our Products

  • Polyester based powder: Suitable for exterior use, as it has...      more
    Epoxy based powder: Suitable for corrosion protection uses...        more
    Hybrid Powder Coatings: Based on the binder combination of Epoxy & Polyester...        more
  • Functional Coating: Show excellent color and gloss retention for...      more

Our Brochure

UCICOAT is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of powder paints in Saudi Arabia ...