About Us

UCICOAT is devoted to giving its clients and customers the best and most timely services. They don’t come to us; we go to them because our customer is our most precious asset. We dedicate all our time and resources in making sure that he receives the best. We achieve our goals through the following:

UCICOAT produces and supplies all types of Powder Coats in accordance with the customer’s needs. We meet all the demands and preferences in due time. This is as a direct result of the enthusiasm of our qualified Personnel who work day in day out in coping with the increasing number of clients.

UCICOAT Technical Staff is more than willing to give our customer all the technical support he may require in the process of powder consumption.
This is done by all means possible I.e. through emails, telephone, faxes, face to face meetings, lectures and practical applications as per our customers’ convenience. We also travel for long distances in order to meet our customers and assist them in every way possible for our motto is “ for a beautiful

world “.

UCICOAT Customer Service Department is hugely involved and plays a very critical role in making UCICOAT one of the leading suppliers of Powder Coat in the Kingdom. Well equipped with all the necessary prerequisites, our Customer Service Personnel make sure that the customer gets all the attention he may need plus all the details of the products. Their fluency in both English and Arabic is very crucial in understanding what our customer needs thereby taking all the necessary action. The UCICOAT Staff in general is committed to guide the company into greater heights of prosperity.

Our Products

  • Polyester based powder: Suitable for exterior use, as it has...      more
    Epoxy based powder: Suitable for corrosion protection uses...        more
    Hybrid Powder Coatings: Based on the binder combination of Epoxy & Polyester...        more
  • Functional Coating: Show excellent color and gloss retention for...      more

Our Brochure

UCICOAT is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of powder paints in Saudi Arabia ...